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Commissions OPEN by MyaChan13 Commissions OPEN by MyaChan13

:bulletred:::COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN :::bulletred:

I have a few orders to do first, but I'm starting up the queue I guess? Feel free to order if you'd like.

I simplified everything and now cheaper prices. Hooray!

How this is gonna work:
:bulletgreen: I only accept Paypal and USD. Please send payments to (If you have Paypal but no USD, it can convert for you. Please use the services option.
:bulletgreen: Please send in your commission requests via dA note, Tumblr message (emmycake), or email. (You may ask questions via note or post on my profile/this piece.)
:bulletgreen:I will start the drawing once you have sent a down payment of at least half your order (ex. if you are getting a full body with color, send me 6 dollars first), OR paid in full. Refunds acceptable ONLY I have not started on the drawing or if for some reason, I cannot finish it.
:bulletgreen:I can show you WIPs if you ask, but if you do not request it, I will just send you a finished piece.
Though you have bought the piece from me, please do not claim it as your own artwork. You are allowed to, however, color/edit/redistribute as you please, since you have bought it. Please request if you would like a PSD or SAI file. Please, just be courteous to the artist.
:bulletgreen: Ordering form:

your email:
order type: (chibi, fullbody, etc)
characters and descriptions: (image references preferred)
Other: any comments or things you would like me to address

If there are any problems/questions, we may discuss it.


:bulletred:Please give me time to work on drawings!! D: You may pester me if it has been 2 weeks and your piece has not been finished.
:bulletred:What I will draw:
-anime only!! (I am best at drawing girls, so if you request a guy, he may look feminine.)
-some anthro (depends; contact for more info)
-NSFW and light fetishes
-couples (hetero/shonen-ai/shoujo-ai)
-original characters
-fan characters
-fan art

:bulletred:What I will NOT draw:
-anything too explicit

:bulletred:It is my choice to accept or decline your commission. If your commission is declined, then you are free to discuss it with me as to why, or change your order.
:bulletred:Please keep up with my Journals to see the latest info or changes on commissions.

~For any more questions, please contact me!~
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TheMunchbot Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
could i snatch a spot? c:
MyaChan13 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Please note me with details if you'd like a commission.
DanielleNara Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Do you take points?
MyaChan13 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't have anything points-related set up, so no, I do not >.<
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